Texas Artist Museum

April, May, June will show the Late Dorothy Norton's work

The Late Dorothy Norton: was well known and loved in the art world for her unique style of painting. When she started a canvas, your first thought was “Oh my, she needs help.” But she didn't. Her method separated her from other artists. The applied strokes of different colors of paint on the whole canvas, with no blending, just spots of paint would jump out. She would start shaping, modeling and blending the paint to reveal the subject she was creating. With beautiful shades of warm and cool areas it made one feel like they were walking in to the surroundings. Dorothy enjoyed painting wondrous landscapes and studied at Lamar–PA and was a member of Nederland Art Guild, Port Arthur Art Assn. ,Texas Artists Museum, and winner of many awards at local art shows. She also had a solo show in 2013. She studied with Dalhart Windberg, Bill Black, Tom Windham to name a few.