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Arnie Hernandez

Arnie Hernandez attended Lamar University where he majored in Art and Bilingual Education. He retired after 27 years from Gulf states Utilities (Entergy). He taught art and Spanish in PAISD for 13 years. He now teaches art to Home Schooled students. He works in different mediums. He makes and paints coffee tables from palettes. Shown is another one of his tables.

Ann Hoffpauir

Ann Hoffpauir- is a full-time artist from Orange, Texas where she lives. Ms. Hoffpauir paints in a contemporary realistic style. Major themes in her work, in addition to her depiction of the landscape, include animals with an interaction. She feels that when it is something you love doing, there is no greater feeling, especially when you share it with others. 

Iwona Jankowski

Iwona Jankowski- In my paintings, I don’t intend to replicate photo-realistic objects, but to capture the utmost uniqueness of life. Illustrating my subjects, I often pay no attention to exact shapes, textures, or real colors and emphasize just on a small fragment, sometimes a very tiny detail, in order to insinuate an idea. That approach leads me to concentrate on what I feel and not what I see or know about the subject. My art captures just an indication of a subject to leave the rest for my viewer’s imagination.

Nadine Kebodeaux

Nadine Kebodeaux- As a child, I loved to color and draw, and thoroughly enjoyed my school years where we had an art teacher and I wanted to learn more. It wasn’t until the ‘70’s that I had time to pursue that dream. I began with an art teacher at my church, Wilma Young, and started painting with oils. From that moment on, I have never viewed anything in nature the same. Everything is more beautiful and colorful; everything has an aura, shape, and color. I enjoy painting with my friends at the Texas Artists Museum.

Elaine LeBlanc

Elaine LeBlanc a long time well know area artist now spends her days down in the wonderland of Village Mills, north of Beaumont. There she is inspired with all the exciting elements that the wooded area of creeks, lakes, fluttering butterflies, birds and changing seasons offer her as intriguing subjects for her creativity. Elaine was influenced by mother as an artist. She studied at Lamar University where her interest in art was even more stimulated. Her use of bold colors are expressed in realism though a variety of mediums.