Texas Artist Museum

Art Smart

Art Smart is the children' summer program that Texas Artist Museum has hosted for the past ten years. This program is named for the purpose that it provides for the children. A presentation of learning through fine art and craft projects. First week July 11-15 is "It's a Safari ".

2015 Art Smart was a tremendous success, with smiling children as they worked on projects of fine art work of watercolor and acrylic paintings, objects of clay and concrete yard ornaments. A new concept called Kids in the Kitchen was a big hit. The children were able to make their own snacks in the kitchen each day with the help of Margaret Stinnett, and Doris Guyden. The activities kept volunteers artist Arnie Hernandez, Sandy Withrow, Cathy Arisco, Dot Chauvin, Madison, Jaimie, and Jessica, hopping to guide them and answer questions concerning projects. Also, offering assistance each day were Glenn and Dorothy Montondon, Byron and David Allen, and Stefanie Allen. Checking the children in and out each day were Janice Terrell, and Sheila Bergeaux. Nadine Kebodeaux handled the administrative duties. At the end of each week on Friday, the kids proudly told about their activities each day and showed their parents what they had completed. 

A special thanks for all the help from the volunteers and to Chick-fil-A for the ice cream coupons. A huge "Thank You" to Dot Chauvin for her diligent brain-storming to come up with new projects for the children to complete, her many meetings to inform the volunteers, and her many trips to obtain the materials needed to do the job. It is the hard work of each person who volunteered that made the program a success and the end result is beneficial to the museum. We will look forward to another Art Smart program!